PLAGIARISM STATEMENT Important:Learners must complete all of the boxes with the relevant details.  Assessment submissions may be rejected if any information is omitted. Unit Reference (e.g. FM3.01) Unit Title IWFM Membership Number Centre Name Cohort Reference (e.g. 54321/4/01/06/2010) Date assessment received from Centre​ Deadline for completion of assessment  Date assessment submitted to Centre  Plagiarism statement: I,  (PRINT NAME)confirm that the attachedassessment is entirely my own work and, if I have incorporated any copied text, I have accurately referenced the work to the original source.  I confirm I have read the IWFM Malpractice Policy.Signature Date  This statement should be the first page of your electronic submission.A signed copy must also be handed to your centre  ASSESSMENT FM3.03 CUSTOMER AND STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS IN FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Credit Value:  5 Maximum word count for this unit:​5,000  The following assessment tasks have been designed to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of this unit.   All tasks must be completed.   It is an important aspect of the assessment that you are able to demonstrate the application of acquired knowledgeto appropriate examples of facilities management.  You should therefore read the individual tasks carefully in conjunction with the relevant assessment criteria in the unit specification.  You should also pay careful attention to the additional guidance (shown in red italics) in the unit specification as this indicates the appropriate level of knowledge required to successfully demonstrate the assessment criteria. Each task shows the Learning Outcomes(s) and Assessment Criteria in the unit specification that the task has been designed to assess.  You should answer each task as it has been set.  Compare your answer for each task against the assessment criteria shown to ensure that they have been fully addressed by your answer(s). Task 1 (In completing this task, you must demonstrate that you have addressed all of the following assessment criteria from Unit FM3.03: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.3) a. Select a facilities supply or service.  Using the following table (1) provide a brief description of the supply or service selected and (2) identify the client(s), users and other stakeholders. Description of facilities supply or service   ClientUsersOther stakeholders      b. Using the following table identify the main interests of each of the groups identified in 1(a) above in yourselected facilities supply or service.  Your detail should be brief but specific.   (NB Not all groups will necessarily have an interest in each of the columns).  Interest   Cost/financial performanceLegal/statutory compliancePerformance against service specificationRisk/business continuityClient      User      Other stakeholder     c. Use the following table to describe examples of the information that each of the groups identified in 1(a) above will require to monitor their main interests (1(b)above).  Suggest the format that the information should be provided in (eg formal report, newsletter, verbal feedback) and the frequency (eg daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).  Information requirementsFormatFrequency  Client                       User                       Other stakeholder                        Task 2 (In completing this task, you must demonstrate that you have addressed all of the following assessment criteria from Unit FM3.03: 2.1, 2.2) a. Provide a description for each of the communication channels or methods in the following table, showing theirbenefits and limitations in obtaining information from clients, users and stakeholders and/or delivering information to those groups.  Suggest two additional channels or methods (together with a description) (*). Communication channel or methodDescriptionHelp desk     Meeting     Briefing     Report     Newsletter     *     *      Task 3 (In completing this task, you must demonstrate that you have addressed all of the following assessment criteria from Unit FM3.03: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1) Case Study a. You are a member of the Facilities Team for an office building comprising three floors.  The Facilities Team has recently conducted a customer survey with the users of the building on their level of satisfaction with the outsourced cleaning service.  There is significant disparity between the results from each of the three floors.  The user satisfaction results from the survey are shown in the following table.   Very dissatisfied %Fairly dissatisfied %Fairly satisfied %Very satisfied %Ground Floor15304213First Floor2105830Second Floor12156310 You have been asked to investigate and provide additional data to enable an improvement plan to be devised and implemented. Describe (1) the actions you would take to identify the issues affecting customer satisfaction and their causes, (2) the hard and soft data that is required to produce an improvement plan and (3) how you would evaluate theimprovements made.         b. As part of your investigation, you identify a requirement for users to be able to provide feedback on problems and issues directly to the Facilities Team.  Use the following table to describe the following mechanisms and methods together with their benefits and limitations.  Suggest and describe two other mechanisms/methods (*) in addition to those shown in the table. Mechanism/methodDescription  Complaint Log   Staff suggestion scheme   Interviews   Focus group   Questionnaire   *   *    Task 4 (In completing this task, you must demonstrate that you have addressed all of the following assessment criteria from Unit FM3.03: 4.2, 4.3) a. Your investigation in Task 3 (above) indicates that the issues affecting customer satisfaction can be classified under the general causes shown in the following table.  Against each cause list practical actions that might be taken to achieve an improvement in the cleaning service.  (NB An example has been provided to assist you). CausesPossible actions  Resources (eg cleaning staff)• Review the allocation of cleaners per floor to provide greater resource to problem areas (eg ground floor) •  Processes (eg cleaning activities and tasks)     Equipment (eg vacuum cleaners, cleaning products) Cost effectiveness (eg delivering priorities of service provision)  b. Describe a communication plan for publicising the actions the Facilities Team will be implementing, including the “who” and “how” of your plan (consider the “interests” of different client/customer/stakeholder groupsand appropriate methods of communication).   How will you manage user perceptions that the ground floor receives less attention from the cleaners compared with the first and second floors?           NOTES TO LEARNERS 1. Remember to always reference each page of your assessment with the Cohort Reference Number and your IWFM Membership Number. 2. Complete your assessment by addressing each task and assessment criteria by typing directly into the text boxes 3. Any text which has been copied MUST be accurately referenced to the original source (e.g. Harvard Referencing).  Any text which is copied and not referenced is deemed as plagiarism which may result in your work being voided (please refer to the IWFM Malpractice Policy & Procedure).  You will be asked to sign a statement t


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