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The following processes are being scheduled using a preemptive, Round-Robin scheduling algorithm. Each process is assigned a numerical priority, with a higher number indicating a higher relative priority. In addition to the processes listed below, the system also has an idle task (which consumes no CPU resources and is identified as P idle). This task has priority 0 and is scheduled whenever the system has no other available processes to run. The length of a time quantum is 10 units. If a process is preempted by a higher-priority process, the preempted process is placed at the end of the queue. o Show the scheduling order of the processes using a Gantt chart. (Create the charts in Excel or Word) (20 points) o What is the turnaround time for each process? Complete column 5. (15 points) o What is the waiting time for each process? Complete column 6. (15 points) O What is the overall CPU utilization rate? (Total burst time/time all processes finished) (10 points)Thread Priority Burst Arrival Turnaround Time = time process finished – arrival time Waiting Time = turnaround time -burst time P1 40 20 0 P2 30 20 20 P3 30 25 30 P4 35 10 55 P5 5 15 90 P6 10 10 105In the same document, you complete the above assignment, include a paragraph discussing in a few words how CPU utilization and response time conflict in certain settings. (20 points)Your paper is to be double-spaced, default font set to 12 pts, 1-inch margin all around, and your name, date, and assignment information on top of the first page. (20 points)


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