Project managers frequently face competing constraints | My Assignment Tutor Semi_ Sample Final Exam 2019 Project managers frequently face competing constraints. Identify these common constraints and describe approaches that project managers can use to make the aade-offs required to succeed. Lecture 1In project procurements, after an organization has developed a list of potential suppliers, discuss f7 (4) mcchanisms of how the organization should evaluate each supplier individually? Lecture 10Compare and contrast predictive, or plan-driven project life cycles with agile, or changc-driven life cycles. When might each type of life cycle be appropriate? Lecture 1Briefly discuss the importance of the project charter, and compare thc roles played by the project sponsor and the project manager with respect to thc preparation of this document. Lecture 23 types of organisational structure include Functional, Projectised and matrix. How do the skills and power of the project manager vary between the thee organisational structures? Lecture 3Describe the beneficial and dcstructive aspects of conflict on a project. Lecture 4Describe the importance of project communications, and the four essential factors to be considered when creating a project communications plan. Lecture 5Describe the approach and a tool you would use to build relationships with key external stakeholders. Lecture 5What are some of the benefits of creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? Lecture 6Discuss how the accuracy of cost estimates becomes more precise during a project. Looking for the concepts of rough estimate progressing to + or — 10 to 15 percent accuracy as the project progresses. Lecture 8Identify 600 000000011 roject risk state ies em toyed to address threats that your


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