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CEO .11 4G liTe :corn Let’s start a discussion!Referring to the Timber Wall System Worksheet (Page 2 of Low Rise Structures – AT Worksheets) and using the Span Table, you are required to determine if the lintels are correct. Once you have quality checked the drawings, you are required to:• Write (must be typed, not handwritten) a Site Instruction to the Carpenter describing all the errors and rectification requirements • Site instruction must include: o Sketch detailing the bracing you would use. This can be hand drawn or produced electronically. Email format is acceptable. o Describe the fixings that would be required to ensure this bracing meets the NCC requirements 0 Include key points required for the window installation once the wall frame rectification is complete 0 Include key points required for the vapour permeable sarking or a waterproof membraneHow will I be assessed for this task?For this task you are required to submit the following:• Completed Site Instructions including all of the above requirements • Site Instruction must be correctly formatted, be industry relevant and easy to understandModule 1- Project Task 1.3 – Wall SystemsCriteria Part A Residential Wall SystemsRatings 0 pts 0 ptsPtsDots


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