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A company has two book stores, Store 1 and Store 2. Store 1 can supply 40 books per week and Store 2 can supply 50 books per week. The demand from School A is 20 books per week, from School B is 15 books per week, from School C is 22 books per week and from School D is 18 books per week. The cost of transportation in $ of one book to each school is as follows:(1) From Store 1 to A is 1.50. to B is 2.60. to C is 1.80 and to D is 2.10. Total supply from Store 1 is 40 books.(2) From Store 2 to A is 2.00. to B is 2.10, to C is 1.90 and to D is 2.00. Total supply from Store 2 is 50 books.The Demand from School A is 20 books. from B is 15 books, from C is 22 books and from D is 18 books.Consider the problem as a transportation problem. (a) Determine whether this is a balanced transportation problem. a problem with shortage. or a problem with excess supply (supply exceeds demand) (5 marks). (b) Write a Linear Programming (LP) model for the transportation problem with the objective to minimise the cost of transportation. Define all variables. Do not solve the LP problem (15 marks).


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