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M31738-2020/21-SMJA…OaropooxesAssessor ent Asses sment Type Weighs ting Factor Pas Mar k Learning Outcomes Assessed Assignme nt One – Essay Cours ework 40.0% – 1000 Words. L02, LO3 Assignme nt Two – Portfolio Cours ework 60.0% – 2000 Words. LO1Assignment One – due 26th March 2021 This is an individual piece of work. Maximum word count = 1,000 words. It aims to reinforce your knowledge of culture and cultural theory and to develop your awareness of the limitations in cross-cultural theory. This will help to improve your competence in working in multi-cultural environments in the future. In particular, this assignment links business ethics and culture. It gives you the opportunity to understand business ethics from a cross-cultural perspective and to explore the validity of many prevailing behaviours and attitudes. The assignment brief is as follows:11 l ‘101. *


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