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2 Paper The paper should be submitted in Word or PDF format. It must be it minimum of 6 pages double spaced and a maxi.. of 12 pages double spaced, this is not counting any cover page, reference page, or appendix that in, include more detail about the mathematics or additional graphs for the paper. The following provides it format that the paper should take:IntroductionThe main paper for the project should provide the reader with an overview of the de-cision question. As part of the overview, there should be it brief discussion/description of the history of the firm or framing around why this decision needs to be made. The section should also include relevant data and information that is generally known to the reader. There is no need to provide any analysis or outcomes at this point.• Available Options Given the decision maker has a problem, this section should outline what different op-tions are available to the decision maker. Included in this section should be information about the different data/information that will/would booty to make it decision or come to a conclusion . the decision maker. This section should also address anyissues of uncertainty that exist (note: you do not need to deal with the uncertainty atthis point). • Criteria Selection This section should argue that a particular criteria should be utilized to make the decision. The criteria must be one of the tools that we have discussed or utilized in the class. The section should outline how the information from the “Introduction” and “Available Options sections will be utilized. If some piece of information is deemed to be unimi)ortant to the overall project, but was previously mentioned: then you should address why it is not relevant here.• Criteria-Ba.sed Analysis Having decided on it criteria. you should provide a brief/succinct analysis of the overall criteria. This should focus informing the reader of the main details of how the criteria was utilized and what the results of the criteria suggest. Note: All paper will likely haveitt Appendix where more details for the criteria-ba.sed analysis is included. In the main section of the paper, give the big fancy “headlines” with the details being provided in the Appendix. If (for example) resolving the uncertainty needed to address the Criteria necxlecl an additional regression, then the regression ancl results should be in the main paper while the bulk of the details should be in the Appendix. • Recommended Decision/Proposed Action This section should conclude you paper with it recommendation to take it particular decision. This section should describe how the decision addresses the firm’s problem. The decision will lead to the firm pursuing some strateu or actions to implement the decision.• ReferencesDo not forget to include any references/citations that are made within the paper. • Appendix This section should include more details of the Criteria-Based Analysis. All of the papers should realistically have it brief Appendix as there are often details that do not need to be included in the body of the paper, but are relevant for why/how the Criteria-Based Analysis was used. In addition to the teacher’s marks on the overall paper, each group member will be asked to evaluate their other team members contribution to the overall project. This will have an influence on your grade, out please ensure you are working and helping your group.


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