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least 4 Weekly Research Paper: Write a short paper of 5 pages (APA Format); noting at Hypothepseiesr. reviewed sources, addressing some aspect of the Efficient Market Course Paper (Due in week 8). Assume you are the Chief Executive Officer of a publicly traded conglomerate with five separate operating units. Each of these units is in an industrial sector of the USA economy, with very limited international business. These operating units consist of automotive parts manufacturing, oil field supply, medical supplies manufacturing, transportation, and agricultural chemical manufacturing. Your company has a market value (i.e. market capitalization) of thirty billion dollars. The company’s stock trades at eleven times trailing earnings, and thirteen times projected earnings and has a Beta of .95. You are considering the purchase of a smaller publicly traded company that is in “high tech”. The potential acquisition centers its activity in servicing “the cloud”. The company has a market value of five billion dollars, and its stock trades at seventy-five times trailing earnings and twenty-five times projected earnings. It has a Beta of 1.73. As the Chief Executive Officer, what factors would you consider prior to making your decision to purchase, or not purchase, the smaller company? List five factors to be considered. Write a separate section of three or more pages on each factor, citing at least three peer reviewed references per each factor/section. Possible factors to consider may be, or may not be 1) the purchase mechanism (i.e. cash, stock or a combination of the two) and the impact upon the capital structure of the conglomerate; 2) the impact upon the risk profile of the company; 3) management integration; and 4) the amount of Goodwill that may or may not be placed on the books of the parent company where you are the CEO. These factors are merely representative of multiple factors that you may or may not consider and are not presented as factors that must be considered for the purpose of this paper. The total length of the paper should be between 20 and 30 pages in APA format, excluding the cover page and references. Week Two Topic: Theories of Choice, Utility Given Uncertainty, and Preferences as they relate to finance.Learning Objectives: RELATED PROGRAM OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of the • ro • ram, doctoral students will:91CIO g/0/1,


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