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Export PDF as long image without watermarkAssessment 2 programming exercises: Set 1 (to be submitte dby Module 6 (Week 6))Set 2 (to dby Module 10 (Week 10))Choose two of these programming exercises: Write a program to find the Eigenvalues of a n- by- n matrix. (bonus mark for the case that you can make it work for any mN., if you can’t simplify it for n=2,3,4) Write a programto calculate Integral of a function (bonus mark for the case that you can make it work for most functions; if you can’t simplify the function to be polynomial) Write a programthat gets two sets and draws Venn diagram of those sets (their intersection and union). Write a program to decide if a relation is a function or not and if it is a function., find its domain and range. Choose two of these programming exercises: Refer to this paper: research… And write a program that calculates the gradient for RRBF_typel or RRBF_type2 (choose the one which you prefer). – Write a programto determine if a set of randomly produced data has a normal distribution or not (You can produce 1000 data points randomly and run your code on it). – Write a programthat displays the behaviour of these two functions in the interval of [4,1] (analyse their behaviour as x siny and y approach zero); f 1= s÷x , f 2= s’.1xx x – Write a programme based on a recursive function to calculate the determinant of an nxn. matrix.Do DO ToolsMobile ViewSharePDF to DOC


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