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9.1.1 Business Research Project (BRP) structure details gTtuiedafrci:dr:ngguir:trrnuecrtit,isrear:girveecnorilntrzzltepoct ifnctirs,:your final Business Research Project (additionalTitle/cover page The following details should be included on your title/cover page: • The title of your project. You may formulate your topic as a question. • Your student number • The name of your supervisor Acknowledgements Thank any people who have assisted/support. you and/or contributed to the development of your project.Busness Research Project Handbook ISFR.4300 • 2020.21 PageTable of contents• The contents page should list the different chapters and/or headings together with the page numbers. • ‘;:;Irri cll=ttsoPfaiTasdhlrutguisd:dPrl=nir schcaliplae’rlindh:te(chtYrrc7v raeridgiunict’hYe project.• Youitishould number your crhapters, sections, headings and tsubheadings in lutinalTt rc’lledalr”gnidagnrsVtreen=u;:tr r nunther’””Ys em Yuu usu. Chapter 1: Introduction — Research Background (approx. 600 words) • Terms of Reference The introduction sets the context for the main body of the research project. • Provide a rationale for your research The rationale explains your reason for selecting the area of research and why you find it Interesting and relevant. You may expand this by paying attention to some of these questions: o IcA/hhoasteiitt4e3roblern and why is it important to carry out research about the• =rscrltuca’rn::7 OrfeinYt:leclajrsildnIluirall’arYe’titrieTt=iri:t:Z!. hcYhtailleergh:Onr opportunities for research?o What Is already known about the topic. and any gaps? 0 Some highlights of the research methods to be applIetesmeusd:cf, dAtayaortudr arinjodouttcrorryr:cvulT background details can alsoThe research airn and objectives are part of the key terms of reference to be Includ. In this first chapter. These are normally linked to the research question as statements that should clearly explain what you want to achieve and how? • State your research aimA research aim is a statement about the general intention of the research: what you intend to achieve or address In your research project. It Is likely that you will have Just one alm for a project of thls size. o What Is the main purpose of the study? o ciTeasrt!yo:tcarTovpiiictat specdically will be done with clear link to your research°A specific example of a research aim: o pT1h:tfraZsuro tntri= recrisl. b:Zn”gic1:2 :vnitYrsin re’ irric u”li nu bankingBusiness Research Project Handbook LSBM300 – 2020.21 Page 15


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