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Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendations (approx. 500 words)• This Is a relatively short chapter that provides the overall conclusion for the research project. • TpirrviOrtlinthi:IZ isrignnlifliignkceYorfirWlYina?h by your research project.• The chapter should highlight what you consider to be the most important points from your findings. Thls should be clearly link. back to analysis from previous chapters (especially Chapter 1 and Chapter 4) and clearly explain how the research question, aim and objectives have .en address. or not?• New material or ideas that may be considered unrelat. or not already covered by your research project should not be Introduced In the conclusion.• The final chapter should also include recommendations. which might be guid. by considering the following points: • What were the limitations of your research project? What recommendations would you make on the basis of your findings? o What are the implications of your research on prectice/Indust,/business/managernent or government policy? o Any recommendations for future research in the same area of study? Highlight any interesting new possible directions that could be recommended for future research in the same area of study Of topic covered by your research pJ , References • Provide a full list of all sources cited In-text throughout the research project. • Use Harvard style for both citations and reference list• :(01:1e:rE11:7.7rucrle7c1=2nsctittoligereaipiriTy; et the “””Ge aek—deeg”Appe.ices• “rrgtelssti=mpc:ipege7.7.covered in.text.• The appendices might include examples such as data collection instruments (e.g questionnaire or interview guide used for data collect. (only blank copy riZte;lituTelZ Cit;r:thssal=atcg:e11:11Ttiss.:cnY add”lenal large tabl”.• Make sure appendices are correctly cross-referenced in the main body of your project.• You should t, to keep appendices to a minimum.Business Research Project handbook LSBM300 2020-21 Page 199.1.2 Formatting The following formatting guidelines should be follow.: • Line spacing: 1.5 • Font size: 11 • Font type: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman • Headings should be consecutively numbered • Referencing should conform to the Harvard systemAdditional guidance: • Your Business Research Project should follow the recommended structure and guidance outlin. above and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. • Conduct independent research and use a range of acadernic sources • itir Harvard Referencing format throughout for your citations and the referenceIII


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