Conduct Policy applies to all students | My Assignment Tutor 1,2021 LAW 3130/5230 Final Exam GuidanceExam Time Limit – 3 hours (180 minutes)Type of Exam – Online Open Book: whilst undertaking your exam you can utilise any written material, texts, handwritten notes, course materials etc. You cannot utilise any communication devices (i.e. phones or email) whilst undertaking this exam, unless the purpose is to contact the course examiner or USQ OCT services.The USO Student Code of Conduct Policy applies to all students undertaking this online exam (in particular Academic Integrity).Commencement Time You should refer to the Alternate Exam Schedule (on your Student Centre) for the time this exam will commence. You will have a window of 48 hours to commence and complete your exam. Once you click on the Online Exam link your 3 hours (180 minutes) will commence.Please see the Alternate Assessment Period General Instructions on Study Desk for who to contact if you experience difficulties whilst undertaking your exam.Exam Format::rtt : ;0wMrgetigiperColt= OQuueesstijonnss((382rrnnaarlr


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