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Module: Data Management in Healthcare Coursework 1 Aims and Objectives This coursework aims to help students learn the knowledge in relational and non-relational databases by installing the database management systems, and experimenting and observing how the data is managed in the database. This coursework will also help students learn teamwork skills, presentation skills and report writing skills.Recommendations of the coursework 2.1 Follow the tutorial at littpsit www.v to learn the basic command statements, create databases and tables, insert the records in the table, update tables, and also the query of the data. Hopefully, after this tutorial, you understand how the database is working.2.2 Use the open-source database management systems such as MongoDB (httns:// as a representative example to demonstrate your knowledge and skills required for databases. You may also select other open-source packages as well. Install the packages on your desktop/laptop. Learn how to handle the software packages and possible solve problems if you might come across.2.3 Find any datasets online and import these datasets into your database. Demonstrate by either using online management tools, or manually to find data, adding more data and deleting data.2.4 Visualisation of the data is a bonus of the work. If you can do this, feel free to do. Otherwise, you won’t have any penalty.2.5 Write a technical report on what you have done.Teamwork, Report and Presentation The work will be carried out by teamwork, where up to two students could form groups. All the work must be properly documented, and a final gi .iiit t will be submitted for assessment. Presentations will be organised for the teams to share the experience, skills, and knowledge during their learning process.Report assessment The report assessment criteria and template will be provided in separate documents.Report submission and key dates The report will be submitted on Blackboard via Turnitin, which will check for plagiarism.


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