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ask 0: Define the Vision Either by yourself or with another class member, brainstorm all the functions this geocaching system might do. Keep it at a very high level. These activities closely relate to Core Process 1: Identify problem and obtain approval. Write a rough draft of the System Vision Document based on your brain- storming ideas. [Hint: Think of what Wayne wants the system to do and why this helps him.]   Task 1: Plan the ProjectBased on the scope and vision you described in the System Vision Document, divide the project into at least two separate subsystems that can be done in separate iterations. For example, perhaps a first version can runCIS5302 Professional Skills for Business Analysis Assignment 3   on a laptop, with a second version that includes mobile components for a smartphone. These activities are related to Core Process 2: Plan and monitor the project—what to do, how to do it, and who does it. Sub-Task 1.1: Divide the system into at least two separate components or subsystems, which can be supported with two iterations. Briefly describe each.  Sub-task 1-2: Create a work breakdown structure that lists all the steps to complete the first iteration. Put a time estimate on each step.   Task 2: Define and understand the Requirement


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