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le ei 1 “., . ilia’, dl IInstructions for Assessmen…dbbignment lb Gum►uereu imu►plete dIlLI Will nut ue marked.Part A: 1500 Word Written Report (30% of total grade for subject) Your report should address and include the following elements (for more details, please refer to the marking rubric):• Cover page, Introduction • Discuss the major sub-types of your innovation or the area of this innovation you are going to focus on (eg mobile commerce within technological innovation, or self-service innovation, design innovation) • Discuss the most important milestones for this innovation • Discuss how your innovation has affected organisations management approach (Use company examples in your answer) • Recommend 3 future developments of this innovation for organizations based on your research. N.B. Timetable/costs/charts should be placed in an appendix and not included in word count. • Use of appropriate presentation style and references -Use at least 10 academic references (using the 2010, Academy of Management style) + 5 other references.Part B: 3 minute pitch (5% of total grade for subject)Imagine you an opportunity to make a 3 minute pitch to an organisation relevant to this innovation (it could be an organisation that is championing it, or who’s current business model will be disrupted by it). Record a 3 minute pitch targeted at senior leadership of this organisation that references your written report and provides recommendations to them. This video should be recorded and uploaded to YouTube (or some other file sharing site) and setup so it is accessible to your lecturer.• 0 • A • • • A •• • • • 0 0 • •loi■■


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