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eclass.yorku.c111111111111111111111111VYlk MATH1014, section P, Spring 2021 – Home WebAssignLASSONDE ENG 2003 Effective Engineering CommunicationTerm Project 01 Technical Report (20% of final grade) Learning Outcomes: • Effectively develop and present in the written form a technical document (including charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, etc.) (CL04) • Evaluate and edit technical reports and design documents (CL06) This assignment is structured in three phases to be completed on the PeerScholar platform: 1. Create – Write a technical report (as described below) 2. Assess – Review and evaluate the technical reports written by three peers. 3. Reflect & Revise – Reflect on the feedback that you receive from your peers and use That feedback to edit your own report. Create (due March 9th, 2021 — NO EXTENSIONS)Technical reports are one of the most common documents you will encounter in your engineering career. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the format of a technical report and to be able to write one, in a clear and concise manner. For Assignment 1, you studied a particular topic and presented it to technical and non-technical (high school) audiences. For Term Project 1, you are to write a technical report on one emerging technology preferably within your field of study (Electrical, Civil, Mech, Space Engineering, etc.), that addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) identified in your Assignment 1 (handout). More information on UN SDGs can be found at (https,//sdgs.un.org/goals). Some examples include – but are not limited to – artificial intelligence, materials science, wearable sensors, synthetic biology, • nanotechnology, microscopy, augmented and virtual reality, geospatial mapping, robotics, and DNA sequencing. Keep in mind that ‘technologies’ are more broad than gadgets and devices – engineers can devise strategies that make use of existing technologies such as products, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and software.For the technical report, you are asked to take the information you have gathered for Assignment 1 and expand on it in the form of a technical document (proposal). The introduction and background of your report should explain the relevant UN SDG: explain what it is, why it’s important, its current status, and identify a specific need. The main body of the report will argue how an emerging technology or strategy (that you chose) can address the UN SDG-based need that you defined in your introduction. Therefore, the main body and discussion should explain what the technology is, how it is currently being used/developed, highlight its strengths and weaknesses, and justify how it has the potential to address your particular UN SDG. To do this, you should use data and evidence from credible sources (logos). Although parts of the technical report may incorporate elements from Assignment 1, you will need to substantially add new material to the report to meet the expectations in all the sections. The new material could consist of new articles (references), diagrams, calculations, tables, etc.ENG 2003 Effective Engineering CommunicationPage 1 of 4tl’ Start


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