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• Evaluating employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction • Implementing or evaluating change management practices and processes • Strategic human resources planning • Talent management and acquisition 5. Entrepreneurship Identifying and analysing business opportunities • Innovation and invention analysis • International entrepreneurship • Social entrepreneurship development 6. Logistics and Supply Chain Management • Supply chains and sustainability • International supply chain issues • Project planning and management • Evaluation of logistical processes 7. Operations Management / Systems Thinking project • Evaluation or planning of lean management systems • Customer relationship management issues • Evaluation and development of information systems and impact on business 8. Dynamic Leadership • Evaluation of leadership styles • Leadership in the 21st century • Adapting to leadership trends 9. Corporate Social Responsibility• CSR as a competitive strategy • CSR and the sustainability of businesses • CSR in small-scale businesses • Impact of CSR on different aspects of the business • Aligning a business with future CSR trendsCritical Capstone Project Success Factors Data availability/sources — ensure that adequate data is available for your study. company web sites and corporate strategic reports of publicly listed companies, IBISWorld Industry Reports, academic and practi-tioner journal articles, news media, and advertising and publicity material from conventional and social media. Originality — avoid project topics that are free available online such as those involving commonanalysis tools such as SWOT analyses of big companies. Choose a project that allows you to demonstrate that you can apply business concepts, not one that demonstrates that you can copy a project from internet sources.Topic of interest to you — you are likely to do well and enjoy the capstone process if you choose a topic you are familiar with or a re excited about. This may include a company that you love to study,or even your own busi-ness idea, or your current or previous employer.1End of document


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