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Special conditionsIf the project involves an industry partner, a letter of support from the partner is required in an appendix. If your capstone project involves research on human subjects (e.g. collection of primary datathrough surveys), it is the student’s responsibility to obtain FIREC approval for it through the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Except otherwise approved by the Facilitator, you may not collect and use any form of primary data for the purpose of this capstone project. It is expected, that your capstone project is an original submission (your own work). Your project must not be a repackaged assessment from another subject you have done before.Broad Project Ideas for Business CapstoneYour choices of a project idea and the case unit (business or industry or place) are critical considerations of your capstone project. It is impossible to do well with your capstone project if you have poorly chosen your project idea. Therefore, this step demands careful consideration.Your facilitator will help you sort through the project identification, but your facilitator cannot identify a project for you. It remains your duty to decide between multiple project ideas that you willidentify personally.The Business Capstone is about using your knowledge from the MBA subjects you have done before. You need to apply this knowledge to a specific real-life setting such as a business, industry, individual, and other organisations and even jurisdictions such as a country or region. The following list of project ideas is designed to help you quickly settle down on a suitable project idea. The list is not exhaustive, i.e. you may identify a project idea outside this list as long as it is a business project idea. 1. Strategic management • Strategy evaluation — critically evaluating an existing business strategy• Strategy formulation — applying the strategy formulation process to develop a strategy for a business • Strategy implementation/execution — develop implementation plan for an existing strategy • Analysis of external and its impact on the internal environment • Competitive strength analysis — a weighted comparative analysis 2. Marketing • Evaluation of customer issues (customer engagement, customer retention, customer satisfaction, etc) • Evaluation or development of market entry strategies • Market entry strategy implementation • Studying market segmentation, positioning and targeting • Evaluation of branding strategies • Implementation or evaluation of market exit strategies 3. Finance/Corporate Governance • Evaluation of financial performance and structures • Stock trading, share prices, securities and related instruments • Evaluating corporate governance structures, compliances and performances • Financial and corporate governance issues in family, small-scale and medium-sized Enterprises 4. Human Resource Management • Evaluating organisational culture • Studying diversity and its impacts on the business • Evaluating or develop HR practices and policies


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