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0 Lti.All questions must be attempted. All questions are of equal value.Q1 — After watching the documentary “Mongrel Bunch of Bastards” comment on the role of the Australian Taxation Office power to investigate taxation evasion. Your answer should refer to examples from the documentary as well as the appropriate cases and legalisation.Q2 — Angelo is a fitness instructor who is self-employed. In the current year of income, he has the following expenses: Purchase of running shoes 2. Gym membership to assist him to operate his business 3. Subscription to a number of fitness magazines 4. Bank fees on his home loanDiscuss the taxation liability of the above transactions. Please ensure that you cite the relevant cases and legislation to support your answer.Q3 — John has the following receipts and outgoings in the current income year.Salary of $200,000 2. Rent from an investment $20,000 3. A bottle of wine received at Christmas worth $200Discuss the tax implications for John and write a short letter of advice to explain his liability.Q4 Discuss the difference between income and capital. Why is the difference important? Please cite relevant legislation and cases to support your answer.LAW300 Taxation Law Final Examination Summer Semester 2020 Page 2 of 2


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