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This assignment is due Feb 15th. Research Paper (purchasing as a vocation) 20% Part 1 -(5 marks) the development of a set of interview questions (10 open ended questions “can you describe….” – avoid direct yes/no questions “do you work in purchasing”) Part 2- (5 marks)set up an interview date with someone who does purchasing for a living and interview them with your question set Part 3- (10 marks) use the interview information (which is your primary research data collected from the interview questions) collected to write a paper on purchasing as a vocation. You will also use Secondary Research collected from journals, library, and other articles should be used to support your work. Submit a completed paper by the due date (Feb 15th at 11:59 pm) to the assignment tool provided All 3 parts are due with this electronic submission. Only a printed version is submitted at a later date. (approximately an 6000 Word count – 8 to 10 pages or so including your Q&A)  need this on Feb 14th. Can you do this please or not. 


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