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Research Project: Assessment StructureItem of AssessmentWeightingWord UmitSubmission DeadlineAcceptable Formats for SubmissionFeedback and Provisional Grade, dueResubmission DateBusiness Research ProjectThis assignment is worth am of the module grade5,500 wordsFriday 16 April 2021, 3pmMicrosoft Wordrslubbtrc?niralcreal ‘a’ are aue darFriday 11 June 2021, 3pm Learning Outcomes for the item of assessment ;Tohrliiiteetrillodfxs=7teiteorvtrh1::,foodilzii4ecarirgntigroutcomes. For the full list of learning outcomes • itlenLleariscLha7Z:dpglgsc:pahnicdaldstighretoretical concepts alongside practical issues of• Poe;r:IZZIE4dit=r4ugnultaTi:::.’-‘” “‘ am’s’ and• IZizliafceha4reospuoosnal on an identifiable business research problem based on a feasible• tgl,c,:l’ilo’T,’,:tceurate2nr’422′,1,71Zres °I allen”u” re”arc” deSigl” and ‘raTtlhi=r7 Viis7s= :=IritItaie=uinhdyZre wienhteHaa=uSsZion The Gra. Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook irtetd=rreishrormsatrkdedntsi” grEaadr on gading system. Information abouut’the gradinhg Business Research Project Handbook LSEIM300 – 2020-21 Page 13 ‘ ==nhaT:agnadthaeprp;c1=sag.Tifn= ri,Trornfrug:rcau” • cDeorvnepliciepzilropnprtoi=eggct writing style that balances the demands of brevity, • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and to manage the entire research pa=rpfrozruiroo,b1=rnmgtsilatIon through to critical analysis, synthesis, evaluation 9. Research Project Task Details 9.1 Task 1c3Lceirig,w1;109::,Ldnettlid,helolticznpleted proposal, you are now required to continue and t’pr,:’,:,17,11gsZeZTZ,Zd’igTZ,==:fgril`f :7,ron,:eLdiscussed and agreed between you (the supervisee) and the allocated supervisor. The supervisionranginilarsneanlhhay:ti ir”stlirgrvii:Orr, atrhehrandereArca’r7 trkle rcebtriTinrgarp’ost3srbsl:dopajol nglgurc7i face to face, online virtual meeting apps (e.g Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc) and email feedback.The feedback from your marked Proposal is crucial as a starting point to make the necessary improvements, update and expand on the completed first three chapters (Chapter Research haec Ifari% ral =7: rn4hpaoPstaTt (2) ;Lc rt relaort7r trtine,:(7427rreaim and objectives). expand your Literature Review and refine your Methodology so that when you have your meeting with your supervisor you can discuss how to move foiward with your research project. You will get opportunities for additional support sessbns focusing on areas including quesUonnaire design, data collection and data analysis methods. You will benefit a lot frorn the discussions and further g,riticneit,afriozz,onuerstsuttestairpcehrvFi„S:jrgtgat)hese additional sessions offered to support your progress 9.1.1 Business Research Project (BRP) structure details gThuiedaf:clizilreciT :Igec.neti:ear:girveecnorirnirrb=epod irnorsLyour final Business Research Project (addilional Title/cover page The following details should be Included on your title/cover page: • The title of your project. You may formulate your topic as a question.


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