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Read the Ryanair case study from “Management: an Introduction” by David BoddyThe company carried forty-five percent more passengers in 2003 than in the previous year. However, some observers noted that its growth may be hampered by a dispute with the European Commission over subsidies. Ryanair was persuaded to fly to Charleroi Airport in Belgium by subsidies offered by the regional government and the company operating the airport. The European Commission ruled that such subsidies are illegal, and Ryanair feared that this would lead to the subsidies it receives at other state-owned airports being withdrawn: “Bureaucrats in Brussels wish to prevent privately owned airlines from developing low-cost arrangements for the benefit of consumers”, said Michael O’Leary, the chief executive.Ryanair’s rivals were meanwhile lobbying in support of the Commission, urging them to stand firm against state aid. Rod Eddington, head of British Airways, argued that “No-one should receive special treatment”.Ryanair also announced that despite the growing passenger numbers, it needed to cut costs further to remain profitable. It had therefore decided that its new aircraft would not have window blinds, headrests or reclining seats in order to save money. Managers believe these frills would not be missed as most journeys were less than an hour.After reading the case study, in a report, define the term management and critically evaluate the role(s) of the manager, as formulated by Henry Mintzberg. (1.1)


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