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• State your research objectivesyThote, :1,11eZere,sosandodur:Ispsryotoriudrer:norergeaciirTfiic statements of measurable. achievable and realistic actions Objectives should be explained in single sentences, for example: Tbeit=rtiffgrirnel :rrg tcgicTlt=1:14 tc3IltraftZirrncsein Lcrits. diner Per cePti nn s 0 To criti.11y analyse t. changing structure of the UK banking industry. 0 iTnoutzlitIttle the factors that influence consumers’ personal banking decisions“”al c”dmar”urchasing ° Tu:171graenraInVVIrorsra:lea:txica:iPil:S7rata re’nsibilitY ‘CS’)Chapter 2: Literature Review (approx. 2000 words) • ;to% cstpotnerd4resseonutrsc:sdetailed and expanded critical review of existing literature• Consult a wide range of relevant literature sources and provide citations in correct Harvard format.• You should identify credible texts/sources such as books, journal arUcles, business/Industry reports, credible websites and any other online .sed sources etc that are relevant to the topic and research area chosen. • Flighlight any shortcomings In current research. Provide a critical review of current ljnifec°4rnaltallit InnrdelaatimonPirti:aylotrir7eestthUpic7Pare and ‘In’s’ Ida” and• Provide a critical review of some key themes and theory/theories that underpin your research. • 07:ireTciladi =rirr7livZsivililkeld’atOe;acre IsnedaLrirtospincx delrn4ielnydosu aanr: cuilr=disnrc; thsePtahcet.olreticc°a=erlsiplehaTili °dr! Clcio’rvit Inliaevr ab:1 ark: lici’Cirri Illedo’rey To rPI ra=ca7Oaur; (am= CU=P:TolCarYa rae, s7ieggrs rt stcndly7na there are several other theories that you will . expected to identify, which snow. be relevant to your particular topic chosen).° ,T„ha707.7,1aors1V,:gulidterdra. g;tcno=r7LEToitrg:the texts ‘°0 By authors who hold similar opinions 0 Chronologically 0 Key terms related to the toplc and Industry specific trends o Remember that literature review is an ongoing process vfilch should becaanffid V„?,1,’,11Y,I;reoZitlYthr Zlha7Simpirnoecr:sr° 5″ Yndr research PrnjectBusiness Research Profect tlandbook LSBM300- 2020-21 Page 16:;dercelec171 referenced in cciff’ ‘”ard fc’n’at c’th’s and Lasr Chapter 3: Methodology (approx. 1000 words) Provide a detailed outline of the methodology (e.g. qualitative and/or quantitative) taken as the basis for the research project design. The following areas are normally covered in the structure of the methodology chapter:Research methodology: Is your research methodology qualRative or • quantitative? Select and Justify the research methodology e.g. by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. Note: Although it is possible to take a mixed approach in methodology (both qualitative qIitht d quantitative) for your project, please note that It would be more challenging, for example, when It comes to data analysis because the methods app. are different for each methodology. Sel.ting either quantitative or qualitative methodology would be much easier and therefore recommend..• ps°,:brillg,TITT:boeflaent’AtTnhcralrIga=iieggiudra’rotrtaa?


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