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DUE DATEWhile the due date in the assignment online is 23″ May, in fact you must submit your assignment by the government mandated 28 February.ASSIGNMENT LENGTHThe word limit for the assignment is 3000 words but you can be 300 words over or under this limit without being penalised.For many people who are not used to writing at this level, or who are unsure about what they want to say, staying within the word limit is challenging. It really helps to have a plan/outline for the essay before you start writing so you know each point you want to make. Some people even map out their paragraph topics at the start to ensure their discussion flows smoothly.For writing that is slightly over (100 words or so) the allowed length, good editing can be a lifesaver. Using an online tool such as Grammarly can help, or Google “filler words.” Here’s a link to a great site for guidance:Eliminating Words [‘Purdue Writing Lab The Purdue writing lab offers a lot of guidance on other aspects of academicwritin too. TOPIC A critical evaluation of an infection prevention and control practice, procedure of policy. Critically examine an infection control practice, procedure or policy in your work area. 2. Synthesisingyour infection control knowledge, safetyand cost-effectiveness and, where appropriate, the need to respect cultural values, make recommendations to improve practice. 3. Describe how you will implement and evaluate these changes and take appropriate actionEssentially, this assignment is asking you to look at one of Bolton Clarke’s policies, procedures, standards, or guidelines and decide if it meets yourunderstanding (based on what you have learned in the course and other reading, and on critical reflection of your practice) of infection prevention and control best practice/s.The conclusions you reach in part 1 are then used to identify what practice improvements you could make in your workplace (and/orto the policy, guideline etc). The discussion of practice improvements should include safety, cost effectiveness and cultural values. Cultural values would‘111111 1111 IIIACIPC AfIGNMENT SUPPORconsider, for example, the cultural contextof aged care or you could consider diversity characteristics in our resident population (Valuing identity, culture and diversity guiceline; Bolton Clarke Diversity Framework)The third section asks for an improvement plan and identification of measures that would show you have been successful.WHAT DO WE MEAN B'( CRITICAL EVALUATION? When we are asked to be critical of something, this doesn’t mean to find negative things about in A critique is where we provide an opinion about a subject (in this case about a policy/guideline/standard) and support our opinion with evidence.When we evaluate something, we look at its strengths and weaknesses and then, for this assignment, conclude whether it is meeting the needs of the organisation or adequately supports clinical practice.HOW DO WE CRITICALLY EVALUATE A POLICY OR GUIDELINE?As you are reading the document (and it will help if you print it out and use coloured pens to comment as your read) use your learning from the course and your own clinical experience to answer the following questions:• Is this correct? Why/why not? • Is it effective? (dces it support IP&C; best clinical practice; care &/or safety for our residents?) Is it logical? — does it make sense?Are there any parts that seem to go against each other? • What are its strengths and weaknesses? How useful is it as a guide to practice for you in your role? For others in the organisation (consider who the target audience is)? Is it culturally appropriate for aged care? Our resident cohort (considerspecial groups under the legislation e.g. veterans, care leavers, indigenous residents, CALD residents, LGBTQI, etc)Identify where you think the document is strong, and where you see room for improvement.Next consider how easily this document is implemented in practice in yourfacility. Is it adhered to consistently? What barriers are there to its implementation — this might be due to the document’s weaknesses or to issues on site. These issues might include cost, equipment, environment, education, communication, staff practice culture, leadership practices and so on. You should also considerthe imnact of not imnlementinp hest nrartire — thinking ahnut reciripnt and staff safety.


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