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studentlms.aapoly.edu.net.auAssessment Guide (2021.1 Online): THT3111 Environmental and CulturalTask Length:• 3000 words • Estimated workload: 24 hoursTask RequirementsIIIpage 2 of 3The report should include the following: • A Title Page with the student’s name and student number, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment; • An Executive Summary which includes the main findings and recommendations of the report; • A Table of Contents with section numbers, section titles/headings (see below for guidance) and • page numbers; A brief introduction of your World Heritage Site • The current industry trends towards cultural (heritage) tourism • A scholarly analysis of ownership, management structure, stakeholders and marketing strategy • A profile of the site’s significance; cultural heritage management approach including stakeholder involvement and applied conservation and sustainability principles • The current stage of relationship between heritage and tourism management at the chosen site A discussion on the tangible and/or intangible cultural heritage values of the site An analysis of visitation numbers and types of cultural tourists attracted to the site • Explanation of the importance of involvement of local residents as gatekeepers relating to tourism development A definition of and the use/suitability of the Burra Charter as a tool for sustainable development at your site A complete heritage asset audit of their chosen site and an interpretation of the outcome Analysis of the (potential) threats to the heritage of your site • A proposed set of recommendations in response to any shortcomings and/or identification of management opportunities identified in their research, including suggestions for the use of technology, for the sustainable development of the site for tourism as well as cultural heritage conservation • Reference list (minimum of 4 academic) • Appendices: e.g. charts, graphs, maps (optional)Assessment Criteria 1. Integrate knowledge to analyse issues and trends regarding the role of the public, private and informational sectors in Environmental and Cultural Tourism initiatives 2. Critically analyse the sustainability principles applied and the impact of climate change at cultural sites 3. Apply cultural management tools; 4. Investigate the problems occurring at a specific cultural-heritage site and recommend logical and rational solutions to obtain sustainable results 5. Recommend improvements to the stakeholder management and appropriate changes to existing sustainability strategies or introduction to new onesTeaching Strategy: Provide a guide to which of the content videos you create will provide the o knowAssessment Guide (2021.1 Online): THT3111 Environmental and Cultural page 3 of 3Cultural heritage management: Week 7 Understanding the Burra Charter principles and practice Sustainable cultural tourism Week 8 Relationship between tourism and cultural management Market Appeal Week 9 Robusticity Matrix / Asset Audit Tangible/ Intangible heritage Week 10 Assets / stories, religion etc Gatekeepers /Technology Week 11 Theory and importance of Gatekeepers /Use of technology to safeguard cultural heritage/ develop tourism


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