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Select your own Continuous Time (CT) non-sinusoidal input signal (it can be either square, triangular, sawtooth signals, half/full wave rectified sinusoidal waves etc). Expand the sine and/or cosine terms with minimum 3 or maximum 7 harmonic frequency terms. Identify the corresponding Discrete Time (DT) output signal for exiting the Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) DT system using appropriate sampling frequency fs.Consider the Discrete Time (DT) system with the difference equation y(n) = y(n — 1) —0.5 y(n — 2) + 0.5 x(n) + 0.5 x(n — 1) for analyzing the output response y(n), excited with DT input signal x(n) obtained earlier.Outline the appropriate theoretical analysis for signal conversion, frequency domain representation, system transfer function, pole-zero plot, output response, step response and frequency response using z transform.Analyze the work mentioned above by executing MATLAB program with appropriate comments.


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