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Presentation: – the role of the educator You will create a professional presentation that describes the role of the educator and the relationship between the role and professional practice. Choose either of the following audiences for your presentation/display: A group of educators at a staff meeting in an early learning programA group of parents at a parent information night at an early learning program Read: “Section 2.2 – A Practice of Relationships: Your role as an Early Learning and Child Care Educator” (pp. 49–59) from the Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta. This reading identifies three roles of the educator: co-learner, co-researcher, co-imaginer of possibilities. You will reflect on the content of this reading as it relates to professional practice. For each role, you will: Define the role, in your own words. Do not use direct quotations, but rather describe your own understanding of the role. (Be sure to use in-text citations).Describe the relationship between the role and professional practice. Consider how the role looks in action.Describe how each of the children’s dispositions to learn can be nurtured through the role. Whenever possible, use concrete, real-life examples based upon situations you have observed or your own personal experience. You may also refer to the following resources: Read: “Section 2.3 – Mighty Learners: Nurturing Children’s Dispositions to Learn” (pp. 60–65) and “3.2 – Children’s Dispositions to Learn” (pp. 116–133) in the Curriculum Framework Read: Chapter 3 (pp. 58–62) in the text, as well as other chapters (sections titled “Role of the Facilitator”) to provide supporting information to the three roles from the Curriculum Framework. For your presentation, you may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation software. Be sure to consider aesthetics—include a balance of text and other visual information (such as photographs). When using images from the Internet or other sources, credit the source. Refer to the APA Guide information on how to credit photo sources. You will need a reference page and in-text citations. When using images from the Internet or other sources, credit the source.


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