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15111111111111.1111111111.1111111111111rtr277 IN THE EARLY YEAR3.2. A.ent 2 — Website and PresentationTitle: Cr& urn and Young Children Weighting: Length: Website 1800 words and Presentation (15 minutes) Due: As per selected topic delivery in the subject schedule Learning outcome: 2 and 3This assessment may be conducted individually, in pairs or small groups. In consultation with the academic select a curriculum area from the following list:Visual Arts (Week 7) Mathematics (Week 10) Drama (Week 9) Digital Technology (week 12) Science (Week 11) Puppetry (Week 9) Music (Week 8) Technology (Week 12) Movement (Week 8) Dramatic play (Week 9) Literacy (Week 6) STEM/STEAM (Week 12)For this assessment, you will need to:• Produce a website that:Discusses the role and importance of creativity in relation to the chosen curriculum area for young children. Details learning experiences, resources and materials that could be utilised by an early childhood teacher to engage children in the chosen curriculum area. o Identifies the pedagogical practices/teaching practices that educators need to implement creativity in the chosen curriculum area. • Deliver a presentation to you peers that: Introduces and explains your website and chosen topic to the class. • Below are some free web site builders for you to use. • GoogleMyBusiness • Win • Jimdo


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