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X Business Law Assignment1 of 1ASSIGNMENT – 15 marks, submission deadline: IR/3/21 on teams assignmem plattbr MARK DEDUCTION as penalty for late submission after duc date Questionbefore his sudden death in 2019 after undergoing cancer operation in the US. In Adam Smith’s Will written. shonly before his death. he urged,. 3schildren to register und PS:n=14:17127.v }bieslr’eenlill;Irn=naitZlillIrm3p;omh:ire of thcir will.Questions, I. What kind of business should the children of Adam Smith register in order to promote their father’s business and explain why you recommended such? — 3 MARIC 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this business to the Adam Smith’s family? — 3 MARKS 3. Differentiate the type of business recommended from others types of businesses — 3 MARKS 4. State any obstacles that may prevent them from being able to promote their father’s business — 3 MARKS 5. Suggest/recommend the role each member of the family can play in the business for the successful operation of the promotion business — 3 MARKS(1)


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