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.11 H O0 11:12 AM Announcement1111%1„:Final Project Wendy Brizer I 2/23/21, 6:34 AMWith all of the knowledge that you are developing in quality improvement, you will have the opportunity to compile it all together for your final project.I have provided multiple documents in the final project folder to assist with your efforts.A storyboard is a one-page, visual summary of a completed quality improvement initiative. The storyboard highlights key aspects of a quality improvement effort by documenting the project from beginning to end. It generally includes a description of the following: the problem, the methodology and QI tools used, key metrics, lessons learned and the plan for sustaining improvement. A QI storyboard includes steps taken within the plan-do-study-act 1PDSAI cycle. You will need to identify a potential issue or concern that is hypothetical or an actual situation, and develop a PDSA storyboard to display the results of the Quality Improvement Team that you convened to address the issue. You can use a powerpoint presentation to


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