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ASSESSMENT BRIEFSubject code and TitlePUBH6008: Capstone A: Applied Research Project in PublicHealthAssessmentAssessment 1: Project OutlineIndividual/GroupIndividualLengthLearning OutcomesOne pageThis assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: Plan and write a research proposalDevelop research skills and apply these to a publichealth issueConduct a small literature review which criticallyanalyses key issues on a public health research topicDue Sunday following the end of Module 2 at11:55pm AEST/AEDTSubmissionWeightingNon-gradedTotal MarksNot Applicable Please Note: This time is Sydney time (AEST or AEDT). Please convert to your own time zone (e.g.Adelaide = 11:25pm).Instructions:Students must discuss with their learning facilitator a potential project idea in module 1, week 1. Bythe end of module 1, students will be required to submit to their learning facilitator a one pageoutline of the project (non-graded) and a GANTT chart describing their project timeline.The outline/summary will clearly identify the issue under investigation and justify its significance,and broadly explain how the project will be approached and its feasibility. The learning facilitatormust approve the project and evaluate it in terms of its feasibility, scope, workload implications,ethics and rigour. You must not proceed on the project without the approval of the learningfacilitator. Failure to obtain approval of the project idea at an early stage may lead to delays in thedevelopment of the project.Students may select a topic related to their current public health practice/program/organization, ormay analyse publically available datasets (e.g. Google Explore) or publicly available online textcontent as part of their research project.PUBH6008_Assessment Brief 1Page 1 of 1


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