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11:04Il 5GDownload PDFAssessment 4: Research ProposalThis assessment is for these students only: Brisbane – Hotel School; Melbourne – HotelSchool; Online; Sydney – Hotel School.Group/ Learning Grading MinLength/Assessment individual outcomes indicator Score Weight duration DueProfessionalaccreditationIndividual1, 3, 4, 5GradedN/A50%N/AResearchProposal1500words29 Jan202111:00 PMYou are required to prepare a report that will set out how you will goabout answering yourresearch question developed in Assignments 2 and 3. This report will map out a researchdesign – techniques you will use to convincingly address the research question. Your reportwill describe and justify the decisions you have made for your research design, data collectionmethods, sample selection, ethical considerations and data analysis techniques. Your proposalreport also involves the development of a Qualtrics survey which you need to design andinclude whether you choose to develop a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method of surveyand/or interview questions.InstructionsYour research proposal will address the following criteria (and use these headings in yourResearch Proposal Report): Problem statement and research objectives – state your problem statement and researchobjectives at the start of your research proposal report so your lecturer can refer to thesewhen reviewing your proposal.Research design – explain and justify the methodological approach you propose to guideyour research proposal using relevant literature.Data collection methods – explain and justify the methods you propose for datacollection and data management using relevant literature.Qualtrics questionnaire – design and include a Qualtrics questionnaire and/or interviewformat (covered in Week 6 of the unit) and explain and justify the questions and style ofquestions you use with respect to collecting appropriate data to address your objectives.Sample selection – explain and justify the sample selection process relevant to yourresearch proposal.Assessment | 9Data analysis techniques – explain and justify how you would propose to analyse andpresent the data collected.Ethical considerations – explain how you would consider the ethical issues associatedwith the research proposal.Reference list – provide a reference list (Harvard) for any reference sources you use tojustify your final research proposal.Turnitin – as for Assignment 2, carefully examine your Turnitin report to assureoriginality.Marking criteriaResearch design 20%Data collection methods 20%Qualtrics survey 10%Sample selection 10%Ethical considerations 10%Proposed data analysis techniques 10%Presentation and clarity of report 10%Referencing quality and list 10%.


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