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6:57..4G< Jyothiassignment1Assignment-la: MarkingIndividual submissionSectionsDescriptionMaxSupervisorMarksSupervisorcommentsStudentscommentsUnitMarks LecturerMarks3Literature Review Is the summary of the literature review clear, specificand does it capture the essence of the literature reviewbeing conducted? [Each student should refer to aminimum of 2 sources (one peer reviewed journalpapers & one peer reviewed conference papers)).ReferencesStandard code ofconductFollow IEEE reference styleFill the form and attach at the end of the file with yoursignatureAssignment-1b: MarkingSectionsDescriptionSupervisorMarksSu visorcolentsStudentscommentsMax UnitMarks LecturerMarks1 IntroductionIs the topic introduced appropriately, and is there aclear overview of what will be discussed in thereport?2171Problem domain Has the student identified a research problem andand research described it clearly? Are the research questionsquestions relevant to the problem being studied?Clear aim and objectives of the project.Background andProject Objective Has the student conducted an in-depth literaturereview on the chosen topic (please check for qualityof the papers, variety of research sources includingjournals and conference publications)?Is the summary of the literature review clear, specificand does it capture the essence of the literature reviewbeing conducted? Is the summary of all papersreviewed conform guidelines provided in AppendixII: Literature Review Summary? [Each student shouldto a minimum of 6 (three journal papers, threepeer reviewed conference papers)].this section specify objectives of the researchproject in a clear and concise manner?ProjectDoes this section include details about requirementsRequirements specifications?Analysis and Does it include a list of project requirements: AreSpecification there clear project requirements such as hardware,software, etc?References Are citations and references given accurately in lineIEEE Transactions on Networking style?Appendix 1Is Client Details with contact name’s signature andproject proposal included?Total MarksDoes12.41Assi.-11-2: MarkingSectionsDescriptionMax MarksUnitSupervisor SupervisorMarks commentsStudents’commentsLecturerMarks4CommentsupdatesProject plan andpreliminarydesign. Summary of the updates according to the assignment 1feedback/comments that are provided bysupervisors/unit lecturer in Appendix III.• Table of weekly activities• Roles & responsibilities of each team member in detail)• Gantt chart appropriate to the project12• High level Project Design with diagram• Project Individual Design Approaches: Project withblock diagrams step by step (you can use UML/Usecases/flow charts). Negative marks will be given forinclusion of any software engineering or projectmanagement methodologies such as waterfall, agile,scrum, SDLC etc. Design approaches should betechnical specific including techniques / technology/algorithms etc.Budget with references (detailed budget withspecifications) – include hardware, software, humanresources, etc.3Total Marks30Assignment 3: MarkingSectionsDescriptionMax MarksUnitLecturerMarksSupervisor SupervisorMarkscommentsStudents’comments4CommentsupdatesAppendix IV: Summary of the updates to the Assignment-2 based on the feedback and comments provided by thesupervisors and the unit leur• Roles & responsibilities of each team member in next partResearch4


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