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KAT3 Essay: TaskEssay question:What role should a second business district (likeParramatta CBD) play in a post-industrial, 21stCentury metropolis (like Greater Sydney)? Andhow do current planning policies and processescatalyse or hinder Parramatta in realising thisrole?While there is no prescription on how youanswer this question, assignments shouldincorporate the standard features of a researchessay:Introduction – including some overarchingargument or hypothesis the essay willsupport· Theory/literature review – including aroundpolycentric cities (or regions) and post-industrial (or global) cities• Case context – including any details aboutParramatta CBD’s history or geographythat are relevant to the subsequentanalysis• Case data – including any relevant detailsabout the planning policies or processesshaping Parramatta CBD, and anyexpected major changes to the population,industries and built environmentCase analysis/discussion – this will tietogether the case study data and thetheory: how effective, coherent, organised,democratic, sustainable, feasible, etc., arecurrent planning policies and processesshaping Parramatta CBD? Whatadvantages or impediments do youanticipate will influence Parramattarealising its potential?Conclusion – summarising the key insightsof the analysis and addressing theargument or hypothesis introduced at theoutset.•


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