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Phase 1 InstructionThe report for this phase includes:Project title, team name (if there is one), full official names of all team members(5 pts)Abstract: a short (approximately one paragraph) description of the databaseapplication you propose to work with throughout the course. Your descriptionshould be clear and concise. It should also include any constraints that needto be imposed based on the application being modeled. (10 pts)Mission statement. (10 pts)Mission objectives. (15 pts)• Major user views. (15 pts)An E/R diagram for your proposed database. Specify key attributes for entitysets, specify relationships with arrowheads. For a team of 2 students, the E/Rdiagram must have at least 7 entities. For a team of 3 students, the E/R diagrammust have at least 9 entities. When defining entities, you should avoid twocommon mistakes: splitting one entity into multiples ones, or mixingmultiple entities into one. (15 pts)• A list of uses cases that include actor and step-by-step descriptions. For everyentity, you must have one use case that perform one insert operation, onedelete operation, and one update operation. You must also have one use casefor every relationship. That’s a minimum of 27 use cases for 7 entities, and 35use cases for 9 entities (30 pts)


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