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En I ac • oar. earn Ht. __molt 3e 1′ 4,2 I of 6UTF-8″EBP10 X….,_rnent 2 HSP HSP1`..:2https://lea rn p-southeast-2-prod-fleet01-xythos.content.blackboardcd n.com/5c07149a959f5/19976353?X-Blac, • • • trP Type here to search— I + Automatic ZoomBody: In the body of your essay you must: Use the critical appraisal tool you have chosen to evaluate all the sections of the research study, including the title, abstract and declarations.Throughout the body of your essay you are to refer to the chosen critical appraisal tool and use additional references to support your evaluation. Subheadings may be used.3.. Provide a referenced definition of Evidence Based Practice (EBP), and a recommendation as to how well the findings from this study may be incorporated into EBP. Give reasons and offer evidence to support your evaluation.EBP107_Assessment Brief 3 Journal EvaluationPage 2 of 6UTF-E‘”NUTR2 • et, UTF-TTERP17,-III CD et E»


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