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Start Due Post Marks Title Date Date Date Available 0 8 Mar 25 Apr 9 May Assessment 1: 2021 – 2021 – 2021 – 20 Media 00:00 23:59 00:00 Analysis – Al Summary:Assessment 1: Media Analysis Students will individually conduct a review of media (websites, blogs, television, print media, etc.) to determine how issues of CSR&S are characterised and analysed in the public domain. Issues that may be reviewed include the following: 1. Environmental sustainability: e.g., recycling, waste management, water management, renewable energy, reusable materials, ‘greener’ supply chains, reducing paper use, and building standards. 2. Community involvement: e.g., raising money for local charities, providing volunteers, sponsoring local events, employing local workers, supporting local economic growth, and engaging in fair trade practices. 3. Ethical business practices: e.g., ethical leadership, financial management, marketing, employee relations, and work health and safety. Students provide a summary of the most import CSR&S topics in current media and the implications of this summary for business practice.


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