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1 Itil,LJUUK IS d ,KIII di IU ydli III iy LI 11, 51111 will be helpful in future modules and employment in the sector. In a good notebook you will include comprehensive notes relating to all the activities you conduct during your field course. Introductory notes regarding the activities, notes on the background, planning, methods, data collection, analysis and conclusions should all be included in your field notebook. You also might want to include maps and diagrams in your notebook. Notebooks are not necessarily pristine and pretty, they are a genuine account of your time in the field. The field notebook would normally be referred to when writing up your research work. It should include all of the work you have done and any notes and observations that you think would be helpful. In a research setting you might be referring to the notebook 6 months or a year later so the more comprehensive it is the better, an external reader should also be able to follow what you did, and why. The field■ * •


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