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2.5.3 Essay50%Weight:Type of Collaboration:IndividualDue:Submission:Format:30-Apr (11.59pm)This assessment must be submitted through Turnitin using the link in VUWS.The purpose of this assignment is to connect the “trees’ of specific planning regulations around buildings or parking, for example – with the ‘forest’ of broader metropolitanplanning and objectives like economic growth, social equity and environmentalsustainabilityAssignments must be:in the form of an essay (no list of points or notes)written clearly and concisely in a formal tone (and always reread your own work fortypos and readability before submitting)fully referenced, including at least four academic references and a full bibliography (theLibrary has referencing style guidelines)submitted on time (see the university’s assessment policy for late submission penaltiesand procedures)2,000 wordsLength:Curriculum Mode:EssayEssay question: What role should a second business district (like Parramatta CBD) play in a post-industrial, 21stCentury metropolis (like Greater Sydney)? And how do current planning policies and processes catalyse or hinderParramatta in realising this role?While there is no prescription on how you answer this question, assignments should incorporate the standard featuresof a research essay:Introduction – including some overarching argument or hypothesis the essay will supportTheory/literature review – including around polycentric cities (or regions) and post-industrial (or global) citiesCase context – including any details about Parramatta CBD’s history or geography that are relevant to thesubsequent analysisCase dat -including any relevant details abo the planning policies or processes shaping Parra tta CBDand any expected major changes to the population, industries and built environmentCase analysis/discussion – this will tie together the case study data and the theory: how effective, coherent,organised, democratic, sustainable, feasible, etc., are current planning policies and processes shaping ParramattaCBD? What advantages or impediments do you anticipate will influence Parramatta realising its potential?Conclusion – summarising the key insights of the analysis and addressing the argument or hypothesis introducedat the outset.


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