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9:11LTEDone END OF SEM EXAM_75c69feled…Read the Instructions carefully.Answer any THREE questions.Use WORD DOCUMENT, TIMES NEW ROMAN font, font size 14, spacing 1.5 foryour responses.Number your work appropriately.Include a cover page in your work, with your name, registration number and thecourse unit.Attach your work appropriately to the CIU ODEL system within the allocated time.No script sent to email will be marked. Write short notes on all the following:(a) Strengthening a prevention and control program on emerging and re-emergingdiseases such as Covid-19 in your country (10 marks)(b) Over the years, countries have grappled with the problem of Neglected TropicalDiseases (NTDs). How could you strengthen a prevention program on NeglectedTropical Diseases in your home district? (10 marks)(a) “Public health is all around us”. Discuss (10 marks)(b)How would you design a program to prevent cancer in male pensioners in yourcountry? (10 marks).Health Information Systems (HIS) are a very important pillar of the HealthSystems Building Blocks.(a) How would you strengthen the health information system (HIS) in a remotedistrict in your country? (12 marks](b) What is the contribution of HIS to the health care system in your district servicedelivery system? (8 marks).At Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, the latest district reports indicate an increasein the number of clients being diagnosed with cardiac related diseases, chronicobstructive pulmonary diseases, diabetes mellitus and cancers over the pastyear.a) In your opinion, what could the possible risk facincrease in thesediseases? What is the link between these diseases and the mentioned risk factors?(10 marks)b) What prevention measures could the health authorities in Jinja district take toarrest this situation? (10 marks](a) Tuberculosis is a disease of major public health concern in the World. Howcould you plan a prevention and control program of tuberculosis in yourcountry? (10 marks]b. Using clear and relevant examples, explain how you would design an STDsprevention and control program for Clarke International University. [10 marks]-END-


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