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UnansweredQuestion 5Not yet graded / 2 ptsThis question refers to the data in the file HExer.txt, whichshows the responses from a survey from 20 people about thetime used for exercise in a week (denoted as HExer, in hours).• Researchers divide people into three groups according tohours of exercises taken in a week. The first group ofpeople exercise less than 7 hours, the second group ofpeople exercise between 7 and 10 hours, and the thirdgroup of people exercise more than 10 hours.Researchers are interested to see whether the populationproportions of these groups are the same, and ask you forhelp. Test this hypothesis using a significance level of0.01. Clearly state your method, the value of your teststatistic and its null distribution, the p-value and yourconclusion.Your Answer:


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