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1SBI242 Case StudyCHAFDARWUNIVEValue: 20% of the total gradeDue Date: 24/04/2021 23:59 hrs.Length: 400 words, excluding referencesTask: Refer to the following case and answer the associatedquestions.Case:David is a 47 years old male who has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. He hasbeen prescribed metoprolol.Questions: How will metoprolol help to reduce the patient’s blood pressure? (Hint: mechanismof action).What adverse reactions should the patient be aware of? Link the adverse reactionsto the mechanism of action.Metoprolol is a negative chronotrope. Explain what this means and link this to themode of action of metoprolol.David remains on metoprolol, but is later also prescribed a calcium-channel blocker.Explain what could possibly go wrong with this combination of medications (hint:what are the possible drug-drug interactions with these two medications).Please use referenced evidence to support your answer.hp1printscreenscrolllockE 1F12 6


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