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AT3 Essay: Some tips on reviewi…When searching for literature for the essay, notethat the idea of a second CBD in a single city (orrelated concepts) goes by multiple names:polycentric cities, network cities, edge cities,multi-nodal cities, distributed cities, multiplenuclei model, conurbations, etc. The sameapplies to ‘post-industrial’ cities. Similarconcepts are world cities, network cities, globalcities, entrepreneurial cities, creative cities, andmore.There is a long tradition on examiningpolycentric cities. One useful starting point isDavoudi (2003). She breaks down the conceptwell, particularly from a European perspective. Itis commonly cited, so can lead you to morerecent literature. But there is still opendiscussion around polycentric cities today. Onevery recent study, from the US, is Park et al(2020). It gets somewhat technical, but includesa review of other recent work on the topic. So,again, can lead you to other useful literature.Also, consider searching for details of well-known examples of second CBDs: CanaryWharf, Ranstad, Oakland, etc. This will turn upother useful literature.aNote that not all literature you find will be on thesame topic as your essay. Some will examinetransport connections, ethnic clusters (thinkChinatown), economic specialisation, and more.So expect to read more than you cite. You cansearch the library website for resources, but Ialways start with Google Scholar. If theregood book, it will be cited by the journal articlesthat turn up in the Google Scholar search. And,in case you don’t know, if you find an onlinearticle (including those above) that are behind apay wall, search for it on the library website.Follow the links, log in when prompted, andyou’ll usually have full access.Finally, make sure you are assessing sourcesyou rely on to support your essay for reliabilityand relevance. Don’t just stick a random citationin your essay and hope for the best. If it issomething I’ve never heard of (either author,journal or publisher) I’m going to question it. Ifthe source is not appropriate (or doesn’t makethe point you are attributing to it), it suggestsyou haven’t understood the literature and you’llbe marked down. Again, the library hasresources on assessing literature sources.


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