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ASSESSMENT 1: 600 – 800 words (10%)• For this assessment you are required to write 600 – 800 words in your response to the question.• This is an open book assessment.• Your response should include at least 3 (scholarly) journal articles or text book references (using APA 7 referencing).• It is expected this assessment task should take you approximately one (1) hour to complete.• You have five (5) days to complete it and no extensions will be granted.QUESTION:Imagine you are a social researcher considering whether to use covert methods to examine the treatment of refugees in detention centers. Doyou think such an approach would be ethical?IMPORTANT• This question is an ‘argument’ type question.• A satisfactory way to answer ‘argument’ type questions is by starting with a thesis statement (a position statement that explains your point ofview) followed by main point(s) that support your thesis statement.• A better way to answer an ‘argument’ type question is by starting with a thesis statement, then the main point(s) that support your thesisstatement, followed by a counter argument, and a response to the counter argument. All of this will show that although you have an opirabout the topic, you also comprehensively understand both sides of the argument. See –


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