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10:39 CI eYou 18 April, 06:18111 .111.11 90./0 ■You should prepare a report not exceeding 4000 words.Select ONE of the supply chain management functions given below and critically evaluate how the selected function of supply chain management Is vital in determining the effectiveness of global supply chin., and the marketing activities during COVID 19 pandemic. You are advised to select a sector or Industry and illustrate your answer with examples. Asa guide you should: la, Critically evaluate the academic literature on ONE of the following functions (60 marks): 8 Demand Forecasting Inventory management/Lean/NT Bullwhip Effect, and determine its role in supporting supply chain and marketing related activities (y) Transportation and Warehousing (b) Illustrate your answer with examples from retailing supply chains you are familiar with either through drawing on media coverage and/or your Industry experience and consider any pertinent ethical and sustainabllity implications i40 Marks)Some of the data for this assignment may be ‘live’ for instance a supply chain event and COVID 19 disruptions reported In newspapers or company reports. You should use these sources for Information where necessary. You should use relevant academic as well as practitioner sources to support your arguments and the excellent review of secondary sources of information should be evidenced by the Ilst of references.


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