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Almouo M a.. was Dam, knit on a recreational level. n could have been better translated in terms of fast contnbution anti efforts. A theory that might heap lepiain the .11.1 of pesttacgabOn group members is ‘learn .dantrfr_ahtYI and corblicabon. (Hung. L.. Yen and Chen. 20, I toreeve rt we had ass,. BeibinS tear, fries lllebet. 20201 to identify eadi membees tesPorrlblittlets. rt kr…. constructed a ‘team collat.-at. ritirm,Hurig. lar. Yen and Chen. 2017) Codificabon refers to the Or.eSS of creating rules that must be followed by al members (Hung. La.. Yen and Chen, 20, K the were ompaemented in our team. thsOplthe would dr es. the lack of contrbiston and parbopaton Craw, on theones of social etchange. the more effort the People around you put .n. the more an ridnndual feels °ranged to put the same amount o, workConclusion: I teamed that establish, a mutual dnv, force for the enbre team is a crucial Prellrrtlrl, ac.” that empowers md,vOuai FircuO members (Chen et al.. 2009, As a leader. I have the reSponStoady to encourage each member. ,es,Oect■ve tOttler strongest motivators. Sen., Bell.n’s team rotes should be allocated poor to the start of the protect to identify responabdiass flebin. 20201 vethin the group Estabistung a set of or…nes also heps emphasserrabaative and incluswe work culture (Hung. La,. Yen and Chen. 20171. Moreover, I Cont nue to rnond,X everyone’s week, progress to ensure the best poss.. outcome were support, should there be any need for assistance.Action Plant For future prosects, rt is important to recognise drff erent work etre. within the group. A ….we norm towards the prpect can be ageed upOn by discussing it early on the 0.1.21111111111y can also act as an ,ce-breaker should the group not know each other befcreherwi To provide a scruhon to the uneven wortibad I have experienced, I bebese honest communication rs vrtally needed so that every member ,s concordant on the amount of contribution that O mowed for each task. Professronabsm in the group eneronmerd should *so be pnonbsed to execute the desirable result. An as entrepreneur, earn, the skit of reading unspoken language is a cnbcat aspect .n nchievng produCt.0 COOperatiOn. WOrinng towards continung the farrity txrsmess w.l regure me to acqure tree ska e0 that I can contra. to expand the bierness grabs ty vnth varous types of P.OPIS


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