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4G 4G.. 9:07Assignment detailsSelect a FTSE 100/250 company of yourchoice and conduct a thorough review oftheir current situation and their futureprospects. This review should include ananalysis of their current strategy.Based on your analysis, suggest a strategyfor the next 5 years for this company. Theactual content of the strategy will include avision statement, mission statement andselected elements that have been studies onthe module, you do not have to includeeverything that has been studied, insteadselect the elements which are mostappropriate to your organization.Alongside the strategy, please provide acommentary (using appropriate academicsources) justifying the strategy.Your report should be 3000 words long,which does not include bibliography andappendices.You are to submit the individual reportthrough Turnitin on Canvas no later than26th April 2021Submit assignment(3


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