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Accounts Payable Case: Investigate to Drive to Root Cause part 2 a ,.ANAHEJGemba Investigation — complete the 5 Why’sSupplier D123 This supplier delivers several different metal bar stock used in the machining operations. There are 80 invoices in the trouble-shooting queue for this supplier. Both quantity and price on the invoice do not match the quantity and price on the PO. Mary takes a copies of several invoices to the purchasing supervisor to understand the situation. The purchasing supervisor does not understand why the numbers are different, so they go to the material handler responsible for receiving materials. He pulls out the packing list received with the parts, and they see the price and quantity match the invoice. These are not the same numbers as the PO or the receipt transaction. The material handler explains that our new computer system uses a Unit of Measure (UOM) of linear meters, while the supplier works in kilograms. He shows them a conversion chart he uses to verify we received the right amount taped to the side of his computer monitor. This lets him do the receipts without involving the buyer to fix discrepancies. Mary and the supervisor return to the buyer. She tells them that she is aware of the issue. When there is a 3-way match problem, AP informs her, and she must fill out an exception report to override the UOM and allow the invoice to be paid. This is time consuming and she will process them when she has time.104ID 2020 Danaher c,orabon{onliden


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