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.11 Telstra Wi-Fi Call ”+’ :,. 1:04 PM I = ■(!)Assessment 2 Risk assessmentAssessment 2: RiskassessmentThis assessment requires you to review a case study document on DR Alarms in order to complete a report to the company on the risks that they face. You can find this case study in the ‘Resources’ area. This task is similar to tasks you may need to complete in a current or future workplace in the information security industry.Please view the full details of the assessment, including due dates, submission requirements, marking criteria and standards, and the required presentation of your assessment in your Subject out’ne.Please note: Your risk report must use any headings listed in the assessment task. 2. You will be required to provide references in your report and these must be in APA 7th edition format. 3. Ensure that you meet the word count requirements of 2000 words 10% for the report. Appendix A and the reference list are not counted as part of the word count.The following video will also give you some ideas and guidance on how to approach this assignment:


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