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55050 019Were.1114Go 4Assessment type: Case study Group Written Report, 2500 words (Summativie) Purpose: This assessment will allow students to be able to demonstrate their knowledge about the Competitive Strategy of a business In the IT/IS industry. What are the five forces the business may face according to Porters Five Force Model? The students are also required to identify the core competencies and competitive advantages of the business. This assessment contributes to lemming outcomes b, c and d.Value: 20% Due Date: Week 11Assessment topic: Group Written Report 375155095710N AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Tale 15000020 15:51 ,10124001 155101.1005 51.15155555521M50.40.1510 Pro Lie 0 MX: 72 132 629 enApproved by KOI Academic Board for T3 2020ICT2751591Task details: Choose an IT/IS technology company and discuss and present the following of that particular opeopt, 1. Background of the business and its innovative products/services and growth over time. 2. How the external environment of the business can be explained using Porters Five Forces Model? 3. Identify the core competencies and competitive advantages of .° business. 4. Discuss the marketing strategy of the business that contributed to make .eir innovations successful. 5. Analyse how .e investments made by the business helped develop successful innovative products/ services.Submission requirements details: Make sure Mat the report is written according to .° standard report wilting.Assessment 4 Marking Rubric: Group Business Case Report — 20 Marks10 –11eel eerreler end Neu. net 159.001eaten rretrepisane edeldplesteeItletlere trOlterted wet ratelenel relereare eeth wan eel tUleeee me Seen – eree stur0 v. Wee “‘”‘”e’Jetles seined Ireelly nd tem truer red lerperl. Ore. a. at and Sam use el technical reetTne7;Xer”YrerIttit reeneeerneetteent Sew 05.1109. Oerehiellen etIna – Wrereeetleal wereMX. eft el kende le Trn’trto • edereeetirel men teosy9 Ire …re IlevietlAngla tetedret5090 5eilere re… &RAW le • miereecirq epee.. • deetereei rove treetetreleme renee 0.12tete.entitevott mem Moe re. 71tr° pue..ett Dlr. pixies used2127511150VATIOX 550 75015010595155550.051,2019/10/2090 1550 POSTRALIAX1552707E Of 50515955A55515555551510,0 I. 19 0 MX: 79 133 699 979


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